An automated all-in-one system for carbohydrate tracking, glucose monitoring, and insulin delivery (Received the best paper award)


Glycemic control through titration of insulin dosing remains the mainstay of diabetes mellitus treatment. Insulin therapy is generally divided into dosing with long- and short-acting insulin, where long-acting insulin provides basal coverage and short-acting insulin supports glycemic excursions associated with eating. The dosing of short-acting insulin often involves several steps for the user including blood glucose measurement and integration of potential carbohydrate loads to inform safe and appropriate dosing. The significant burden placed on the user for blood glucose measurement and effective carbohydrate counting can manifest in substantial effects on adherence. Through the application of computer vision, we have developed a smartphone-based system that is able to detect the carbohydrate load of food by simply taking a single image of the food and converting that information into a required insulin dose by incorporating a blood glucose measurement. Moreover, we report the development of comprehensive all-in-one insulin delivery systems that streamline all operations that peripheral devices require for safe insulin administration, which in turn significantly reduces the complexity and time required for titration of insulin. The development of an autonomous system that supports maximum ease and accuracy of insulin dosing will transform our ability to more effectively support patients with diabetes.

Journal of Controlled Release
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