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Papaia Innovation GmbH

Oct 2023 – Present Zurich, Switzerland
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Co-Tech Lead

Ophthorobotics AG

Oct 2021 – Present Zurich, Switzerland
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Electrical Engineer


Oct 2019 – Jan 2021 Zurich, Switzerland
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Mechatronics Lead

ETH Juniors

Sep 2019 – Dec 2019 Zurich, Switzerland
Development of a mountain rescue system for an autonomous drone.
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Head of Electronics

AMZ Racing

Sep 2019 – Aug 2020 Zurich, Switzerland
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Robotics Engineer

Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology Centre (SMART)

Oct 2018 – Feb 2018 Singapore
  • Localization
  • Sensor fusion (Camera and LiDAR)
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SLAM Developer, Business Relations and Responsible for LV-Electronics of Driverless Race Car

AMZ Racing

Oct 2017 – Sep 2018 Zurich, Switzerland
  • Developed a fastSLAM 2.0 algorithm with multi visual sensor input
  • Responsible for whole car electronics. Transformed manually driven racecar to driverless racecar
  • Won the formula student Germany championship, presenting the best driverless car in the history of formula student competition
  • Won the formula student Italy championship with 1000/1000 points, first team to achieve this since inception of formula student competition
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Research Assistant


Feb 2017 – Aug 2017 Singapore
  • LiPo-Battery research
  • Development of a bicycle electrification kit
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Student Engineer

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Dec 2016 – Feb 2017 Stuttgart, Germany
  • Development of new light-based driver assistance systems
  • Programming of simulation, test and validation software
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Bachelor Thesis Student

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Jul 2016 – Nov 2016 Stuttgart, Germany
Simulation of Light-Based Driver Assistance Systems - Development of a new prototype for Software- and Hardware-in-the-Loop testing of light-based driver assistance systems.
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Student Engineer

Ingenieurburo Wendt GmbH

Oct 2011 – Jun 2016 Bremen and Munich, Germany
  • Optimization of operating processes
  • Project planning of large-scale construction projects such as hospitals, universities or high-rise buildings



Agile mobile robotic platform for contactless vital signs monitoring

In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, «Dr. Spot» got developed in collaboration between MIT, HMS and Boston Dynamics. «Dr. Spot» is able to measure four different vitals signs in a contactless manner. The robot got directly deployed in the emergency department of the Brigham and Womens hospital, Boston.

Development of a Remote Controller for Hamilton Medical Ventilator

Development of a remote controller for ventilators during the COVID-19 crises. A group of six friends developed a remote controller in collaboration with Hamilton Medical and ETH Zurich and evaluated their system in hospitals in Switzerland and the USA.

AMZ driverless

In a team of 18 students, we transformed an electric race car to an autonomous driving one in 9 months. We won the Formula Student Italy championship with 1000/1000 points, the first team to achieve this since inception of the Formula Student competition in 1981. In addition, we won the competition at Hockenheimring, Germany.

ease - Development of a Bicycle Electrification Kit

Transforming a normal bicycle into a pedelec in only 60 seconds. ease makes it possible. The developed bicycle kit was also featured in several media worldwide (e.g. Galileo TV).

Lightbenders - disc-shaped display

In the first two semesters of my studies at TUM I joined the adveisor student competition. In the team, we developed this great disc-shaped display and finally won the competition.

Ten Billion Barrel Robot

My passion to gain professional knowledge in the field of robotics started even during my early school years as I was actively involved and led the development of an award-winning robot.

Recent Publications

Some publications i have recently published

Magnetic continuum soft robots can actively steer their tip under an external magnetic field, enabling them to effectively navigate in complex in vivo environments and perform minimally invasive interventions. However, the geometries …

Objectives Mask adherence continues to be a critical public health measure to prevent transmission of aerosol pathogens, such as SARS-CoV-2. We aimed to develop and deploy a computer vision algorithm to provide real-time…

ore than two decades ago it was discovered that nitric oxide (NO) concentrations in gas aspirated during colonoscopy were more than 100 times higher in patients diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) than controls. While this provides…

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated methods to facilitate contactless evaluation of patients in hospital settings. By minimizing in-person contact with individuals who may have COVID-19, healthcare workers can prevent disease transmission and…

Glycemic control through titration of insulin dosing remains the mainstay of diabetes mellitus treatment. Insulin therapy is generally divided into dosing with long- and short-acting insulin, where long-acting insulin provides basal coverage…


Connect with me

  • CLA H 17.1, ETH Zurich, Tannenstrasse 3, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland